Meet the Ross Family

Hi there! We're Philip and Tricia Ross, the husband and and wife team behind Artsy Rossy Design! We have a mutual love for coffee (lots of coffee!), French macarons, and what's probably an unhealthy obsession with crime and police dramas (Chicago PD and Criminal Minds are huge hits in our house).
We're based in southeastern Connecticut and available for travel throughout the US and worldwide (let's hear it for collecting passport stamps!) We truly share the belief that every moment, no matter how big or small, deserves to be captured, treasured, and shared! 
 ~Philip and Tricia Ross~
When we first met 8 years ago while living in New York City, neither of us knew how passionate we were about photography. Philip wouldn't be caught dead walking around the city without his trusty Kodak Easy Share, and Tricia told funny stories of the first camera her parents ever bought her (a pink Le Clic camera with a bright purple film advance slide and shiny turquoise shutter button).
But it wasn't until years later when we moved to Connecticut that we started talking about photography as more than just a hobby and really considered starting our own photography business! (Minus the plastic point-and-shoot cameras, of course!)
Our approach to photography is simple- we photograph LIFE! We capture the most important moments of our client’s lives and we absolutely love what we do! Whether it's an intimate wedding, a sweet newborn session, or a family portrait, our goal is to form a personal connection with everyone we work with!
We really believe everyone needs a way to celebrate important moments in life before they’re gone forever. Children grow up faster than we’d like, and photographs help “freeze time” and capture those important milestones. And trust us, we know a thing or two about kiddos growing up way too fast! Our son (and unofficial CEO) Sean Anderson is 5 years old, but if you ask us, he was just born yesterday!
~Sean Anderson Ross~
We're so happy you decided to stop by our little corner of the internet and get to know us! If you're interested in working with us, click the "Let's Chat" link on our home menu, and we'll be in touch very soon!