Tricia Ross

Growing up, Ezra Jack Keats book "The Snowy Day" was always a favorite. I remember the first time my Mom read it to me; not only did I love the story, but I was amazed that the character looked like me! It was the first time I could recall ever seeing a person like Peter reflected on the pages of a book. Sure, Peter was a boy, but he was a brown little boy, with textured wooly hair and black pebble eyes just like mine. In Peter, I saw myself. As I got older, I vowed that when I had children, I would make sure "The Snowy Day" was part of their collection.

Fast-forward 30 years (give or take a few), and I am the proud Mom to a little boy of my own. Sean Anderson is the embodiment of Peter- a loveable, precocious child with a great imagination and a spirit of curiosity, despite not even being 2 years old. Sean Anderson is always ready for adventure, so when we got our first decent snow storm here in southeastern CT two weeks ago, Philip and I knew he would be excited just like Peter. 

At first, we didn't think Sean Anderson knew what to make of the snow. He wasn't as excited as we had hoped he'd be, and he was very hesitant to play in it. But after a few moments (and some gentle coxing from Mom and Dad), he was ready to go!

For Christmas, Sean Anderson received his first sled, so this was the perfect opportunity to finally break it in! Safe to say, sledding was his favorite part of the afternoon. Philip patiently climbed up and down the hill, all while Sean Anderson cheered and giggled in his new ride. 


Before we knew it, the sun began to set and our day soon came to an end. I'm not sure who had more fun to be honest (Philip or Sean Anderson), but it was certainly a moment we will remember forever. I am happy to say we got to spend a wonderful snowy day with our own little Peter! 


Lots of love,

Philip and Tricia

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