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Getting Dads Excited for Family Portraits

Dads are notorious for not wanting to take family photos, but why is that? Probably because they've had a bad experience in the past where the photo shoot was way too long, or the photographer was really boring, and honestly, Dad can only tolerate someone shouting "Cheeeeese!" at him but so many times before he loses his mind!

That's where we're different, and it all starts well-before you even set foot in front of our cameras. 

Over the years, we've developed a tried-and-true system for making every Dad we work with not only comfortable in front of the camera, but actually like the experience! What's our secret? Well, there's a few parts to it....


father holding smiling daughter


father carrying daughter


It all starts with the pre-consultation

We provide every client with a pre-consultation. We listen to what your goals are for the session, find out what your style is, and really get to know your family. What book is your son interested in? What You Tuber does your daughter absolutely love? What's your husband's favorite sports team? What activities do you love to do together as a family? All of this helps us create a fun, memorable, and unique experience the day of your photo shoot. People are always more comfortable talking about things they like. Because we've taken the time to get to know Dad beforehand, we can chat with him about his interests and put him at ease during the photo shoot. 


smiling father holding young daughter

smiling father holding up young son


We prompt memorable moments

Part of the challenge with photographing Dads (or anyone for that matter) is that a lot of photographers still insist on unnatural and stiff poses. This leaves Dads with a bad taste in their mouths and makes them dread family portrait day.

Our approach is totally different. We coach our clients through a series of natural poses that do not feel awkward. We tell Dad to interact with their kids the same way they would if we weren't there.... and then we get snapping away!


father smiling with his young son and daugther

 teenage son smiling with his father


father and daughter sitting on park bench


We capture what matters the most

Dads have such a special bond with their children, and it's our job to capture that bond in a fun, loving, and meaningful way. Photographs help keep a family's history alive, and creating memorable moments between a father and his children is incredibly important to us. There is nothing more precious than a treasured photograph that gets passed down from generation to generation. We're photographing more than just beautiful portraits; we're creating a living legacy for your family. 

 father kissing newborn baby


Lots of love, 

Philip and Tricia Ross

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